​What is NeuMe Physio?

Has physical therapy or personal training failed you in the past? ​

Having pain with workouts and wish you could do what you love without worrying that you'll pay for it later?

Are you a new mom who is exhausted by the idea of getting everyone out of the house for an appointment?

​Need physical therapy but don't have time?

Let ​us help:

  • ​We come to you ​
  • One-on-one care
  • 24/7 access to your therapist or trainer
  • ​Guide you through a treatment plan and get you back to your life

​Not sure what NeuMe Physio is about or if ​we can help you? Give ​us a call!

We'd love to hear your story and answer any questions you have.

Want to know more about pelvic health? We'd love to teach you.

You provide the venue and invite at least five guests, and NeuMe's team will come ready to share how to identify if you have a pelvic issue, where to find help, and tips to keep your floor happy.

Scroll down to see our Advanced Talks and the options for those.

​We give regular and FREE yoga sessions in the park in beautiful Southern Pines, NC.

Follow the Yoga in the Park FB page to find the most up-to-date times.

​Private treatments in your home/office on your schedule.

Pelvic floor training to stop leaking & pelvic pain.

Dry needling for nagging & chronic muscle pain.

Integrated, holistic approach.

Results when therapy has failed you before.

​Tailored talks to fit your group.

​For those who have ​experienced our FREE talks and want more.

​We have provided custom training to personal trainers, new moms, and other medical professionals.

​Movement training that comes to you on your time.

Pelvic floor integrated fitness for pre/postnatal moms.

Yoga combining pelvic health and Postural Restoration.

Bridging the gap between rehab and fitness with personalized programs.

​Having pain with your workouts and just want to get back to doing what you love?

Have you been told to not do certain movements to avoid worsening your pain?

​Do you lack resources in your area to improve your fitness and well-being?

Let's talk. NeuMe Physio's team can video chat with you and help identify why certain exercises aren't working for you, how to modify them, and progress back into the workouts you love.

​Dry needling has become a well-known approach to musculoskeletal dysfunction.

It uses a thin needle to target trigger points within a muscle producing a relaxing or inhibitory effect on the muscle.

Although not for everyone, many people seek out this approach for muscle pains.

Addie offers dry needling as an optional tool within her treatment plan for clients.

​People We've Helped

  • ​Expectant Mothers
  • ​New Mothers
  • ​Mothers 20+ Years Post-Baby
  • ​Body Builders
  • ​Elite Military Athletes
  • ​Crossfitters
  • ​Post Surgery Men/Women
  • ​Active Grandparents
  • ​Youth Athletes
  • ​Runners
  • ​Equestrians
  • ​Over-Use Injuries
  • ​Lower Back Pain
  • ​Knee Pain
  • Post Mastectomy